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It houses a vast steel arsenal of weapons housed in the former home of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and the California Highway Patrol. It has evolved into a diverse range of foods, from dried fruits and vegetables to meat, fish and seafood.

The city remained a center of agricultural Solano County until the 1960s, when Interstate 80 opened and shifted commercial traffic to nearby Fairfield. The ghost fleet is certainly an interesting sight for many Bay Area residents, but it is also an ecological hellhole where huge industrial projects rot and rot. The storage of the moth-carriage fleet in Suisun Bay has led to considerable environmental problems, as rusting metal and ship paints contaminate the nearby waterways.

Strangely, that same year, a Kinder Morgan pipeline exploded when an excavator pierced another metal pipeline that runs through San Jose.

I attended a few Fairfield City Council meetings to speak out, asking the City Council to demolish much of a newly built settlement there, but I, too, failed in my efforts to persuade state lawmakers to stay in Solano County. Vallejo is the capital of Benicia state, and lawmakers moved there from Napa County because of its proximity to San Jose and the Bay Area. General Mariano Valverde did not provide the promised building, Napa has restrained itself and rejected a request for a Greek temple - a building in the style of the capitol city that Benici had and wood that could have been used for the building.

The plan is now in its final stages, and the environmental issue will soon be removed from the Bay Area. Several Southern California counties have closed beaches before the Fourth of July weekend, but if you fancy a little social distance and a picnic, most parks around the Bay Area have reopened. Parking may still be limited, so don't be surprised if a crowd comes - but try to ease your social distance, only some state beaches close their parking lots.

Horseback riders, mountain bikers and joggers flock to Lynch Canyon Open Space Park, which features 10 miles of steep trails, including some of the most popular trails in the San Francisco Bay Area. It gets a bit crowded at weekends, so this is a great place for a picnic with friends and family or a day trip to a local park. Lynch Canyon is also one of the top tourist attractions in Solano County, with greenery, scenic views of Lake Merritt and the Santa Cruz Mountains, and a variety of hiking and biking trails.

The actual Suisun marshland is also home to one of the largest freshwater marshes in the world with more than 1.5 million square feet of water. It supports the health of the salmon population on Lake Merritt by providing water in the region where young salmon can grow and mature and supports the local economy.

Boaters and fishermen can reach the San Francisco Bay Delta through the Suisun River and its tributary, Lake Merritt. The Fairfield Transportation Center is one of the most popular transportation hubs in the Bay Area and offers an option for travel to the interior of the Bay by using the same bus service as tourists traveling from Solano County to San Diego County or from Oakland, San Mateo County and San Jose. It is possible to connect to the BART and BART stations and the Alameda - Contra Costa County line.

Fireworks are allowed on July 4th, July 5th and July 6th from 4.30 pm to 6pm in the Suisun River and Merritt Lake.

Other attractions include the San Francisco Bay Aquarium, the California Museum of Natural History and Sierra Nevada National Park. Interesting activities near these attractions include the Santa Cruz Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, San Bernardino National Forest, California State University, Santa Barbara and other parks and hiking trails.

If you're heading to the Bay Area, head to Highway 50 in Auburn and visit the San Francisco Bay Aquarium, California Museum of Natural History and other attractions. You can also head north on Highway 50 to Auburn and south on Highway 101 to Yosemite National Park, or west on Interstate 5 to Lake Tahoe for a breathtaking celebration of nature wrapped up in a great event.

Guests can also enjoy a fun day at the San Francisco Bay Aquarium, California Museum of Natural History and other attractions. In San Francisco, indulge in bottomless holiday sangria at one of the many Bay Area bars and restaurants, such as Bayshore Bar & Grill or Golden Gate Inn.

Take Highway 113 to Interstate 80 south of Dixon and continue for 10 miles as the highway turns 90 degrees and passes through the city of Vacaville. Take the picturesque waterfront of Suisun City on a tour and create a lively festive atmosphere in the Olde Town. To send historical photos and information to the Vacville Heritage Council, email jerrybowen @ Reporter # 916, write to Cotte at cotte @ or call (825) 855-486-8477 and write "Reporter" in the subject line of your email.

More About Suisun City

More About Suisun City