Suisun California Restaurants

As local businesses close due to a public health crisis, businesses lose revenue, and the economic devastation continues to affect the health, safety and well-being of the city.

Currently, we require that the café area be located on the sidewalk next to the restaurant and that it is at least 100 meters from the front door of the store. This provides an opportunity to increase revenues at a time of economic recovery, when customers can be served while ensuring social detachment.

A restaurant or retail establishment wishing to temporarily expand the dining and / or retail space in accordance with paragraph 1 above shall require a temporary admission permit. Authorisations can be obtained from existing restaurants and retailers, but not from new companies. A barrier is not necessary or necessary for the purposes of Sections 18-64-050, which require barriers. The first one ends at the entrance of the restaurant, the second one ends on the sidewalk, at least 100 meters from the shop.

The facility must comply with all applicable provisions of the Municipal Code, as defined in section 18-64-050 of the Municipal Code of the District of San Bernardino.

Any restaurant or retail establishment that has received a temporary admission permit must submit its entire establishment for the evening before closing. The city may revoke the temporary permit granted under this policy at any time to comply with all applicable SCMC regulations. Permission to leave the restaurant's equipment outside overnight does not apply to temporary burglaries of the premises of restaurants, retail stores or other shops or residences issued earlier than 30 days after the adoption of the directive or revoked by the city. This policy may be repealed or amended at its discretion either by the head of emergency services or by the city council.

Since last Friday and until Sunday, the participating restaurants offer free admission to the City Hall of Suisun and other public buildings and facilities. All existing retail and catering establishments in the city, as provided for in Table 18-42-02 of the SCMC, are suspended until further notice.

One of the exclusive grills at Restaurant Week is Greek macaroni and cheese, including feta cheese and Kalamata olives. There is also a special piece of chocolate baklava, which is usually served only during happy hour, but Kontogiannis said it is usually made only for the art, wine and chocolate festival and is returned for restaurant week. Another Suisun restaurant, Ironwood American Bistro, features chicken noodles on titled "Recipe Day."

Kontogiannis said he was committed to the community, particularly with incentives for schools. He keeps the business going and passes the recipe on to his 22-year-old daughter Yvette, who is to pass it on one day, but he has made sure that there is plenty of time to get involved in the community and, above all, in the incentive programme at school.

Kontogiannis said locals, including businessmen and farm workers, regularly eat at the barbecue, but also come from San Francisco and Sacramento. Especially on weekdays, he added, the guests and regulars mostly come from Suisun, and they are there for breakfast and lunch most of the time, while most come for breakfast or lunch at the weekend.

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More About Suisun City