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Napa Valley is certainly known for its wine, but some of the best wine tastings in California can be found here in Solano County. Many Californians know it as home to the famous Napa Valley Winery, where the largest and most famous wine festival in the world takes place.

Mankas Corner is a small town of about 1,000 people in northeastern Napa County, but most of all it is home to Suisun State Park, one of the most popular hiking trails in the state of California.

How to get there: Take a special bus from Emeryville Temporary Transbay Terminal or change to a BART train for downtown San Francisco and get off at Mankas Corner. There are two BART stations in the area, one in Emeryville and the other in Napa, connected to BART, so don't forget to be there. Even if your destination is different, you can take the special buses to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station in San Mateo County and transfer to all BART trains to San Francisco and any other BART station.

Getting there: Passengers can take AC Transit to the start of their trip at Berkeley Station, travel to Richmond - Oakland Coliseum, from where they can transfer to any BART train to Berkeley, or take a ride and tour at the Coliseum. Cesar Chavez Plaza is one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco, so don't forget it.

Here you will find a wide selection of food and drinks as well as a number of music venues. Other notable venues include the Seven Artisans Winery, which hosts fun bands on Saturday afternoons, and Wooden Valley, which hosts Friday night events throughout the summer.

The evening's program includes a mix of live music, food, drinks and a panel discussion with guest artists. Guest artists who perform regularly during the semester will perform in a concert and then discuss their careers in an informal setting.

A day of sightseeing and tasting can and should include a stop at the legendary Wooden Valley Winery, founded in 1933, where the Lanza family has a wood-paneled tasting room. Visit the winery, which is located about 3 km west of the city, and visit one of the many wineries in the area to enjoy a glass or two of wine.

This event is just a short walk from the city and you can use the VTA free transit transfer. Take a self-guided art walk that includes a walk through the park and a tour of local art galleries, as well as a stop at the San Francisco Museum of Art. The park is about a half hour drive from Suisun Fairfield Station, so get there and get off and forget about it.

Along the route, you have access to a wide selection of food and drinks from local restaurants and bars throughout the summer. For a bit of modern luxury, head to the Suisun Valley wine cooperative, where the vintners can pour for you, and it's likely you'll also meet some of their owners, as boutiques are available. It's a great opportunity to explore the lesser-known fruits of the region, such as red and white wines from the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. And if you're up for it, head to St. John's Park, where chef Megan Smith will delight you with wild prawns and crab potatoes.

Come to experience the Mankas Corner and surroundings, enjoy a glass of wine and a little food and enjoy live music. Listen to fine local music in a vibrant piece of the Old West or enjoy some of the most popular outdoor events in the Suisun Valley, such as the annual Sierra Nevada Music Festival and the San Francisco Jazz Festival, as well as other events.

Finally, monthly recitals will allow you to share your talents with a live audience of music students, faculty and friends. If you are considering studying music to meet your general educational requirements in preparation for a career in music, consider the music program at Solano Community College. The curriculum is professionally oriented and prepares you for transfer and subsequent employment in the music industry. In addition, the music department of Solano Community College offers a high quality education to ensure your musical success.

Friday Nights at the OMCA offers reduced opening hours and museum admission, as well as free admission to the museum. Visit the Wooden Valley Winery on Fridays, the 4th Friday from May to October, when the winery hosts live music, wine tastings, food trucks and live entertainment.

Some appear in a variety of vocal, instrumental or ensemble ensembles, but some are tailored to your style, preferences and level of performance. There is entertainment throughout the day, while others can take part in art workshops for all ages. Some are award-winning, and some can be performed in various variations, vocals, instrumentals, ensembles, etc.

More About Suisun City

More About Suisun City